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Some statistics on my background as an avid marketer for over 20 years!

Web Designer
Design 78%
SEO Strategy
Technical SEO 91%
Facebook Marketing
Web Designer 84%
Traditional Marketing
Traditional Mktg tasks 100%

Marketing for creative people!

My entire career I dedicated myself to helping those around me attempt to succeed in sales and marketing.  My main focus throughout my life has been B2B marketing, with an emphasis in the financial sector.

I have been witness to so many under-trained and under-motivated agents, reps, brokers, etc.  The one thing all of the non producers in every industry have in common – is they simply do not have access to enough information to make themselves deadly.  Even the worst digital marketing consultant could be dangerous enough to get clients, if they had the right information and the right strategy.

Our entire blog is dedicated to the sole purpose of increasing the likelihood of the underdog salesman getting the big wins!

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