First Marketing Post

Why do we need marketing?

Marketing is looked at by most as the “black hole of business”.  Meaning – the more and more money you dump into marketing programs, the more and more money you seem to watch disappear.  This feeling is best described by most people that have been burnt by certain marketing firms or just simply don’t understand marketing themselves.

Anytime any money goes outward from a business, it typically requires some sort of return on that money – in most cases anyways.  I’m not talking about bills, or monthly payments for ancillary services – I’m talking about money that is coaxed out of business owner’s hands by the many many salesmen that grace us with their presence almost daily!

In today’s age, without progressive tools and a go-getter mindset – being a marketer is harder than ever.  The marketing landscape has drastically changed from the traditional mindset of flyers, mailers, and in-person cold calls – to nowadays email, website, and digital marketing platforms.  Therefore, if your business has not made the change over to a digital marketing strategy, it might be time to begin looking into one.

The Digital Age

In 2018, we are now in the very midst of what our fore-fathers predicted for our great country.  We are 100% digitally communicating in almost every facet!  With the technology of cell phones and mobile devices being innovated more often than not in today’s world, you must keep up with the digital demand and user experience that everyone in the world craves and strives for!  Creating and designing your customer flow to be centered around mobile devices, would be one of the smarter things you can do as a business owner.

How to get leads

Getting leads and having people to talk to is the most sought-after service in almost every industry.  You can find multiple companies that offer different lead collection strategies and software programs.  I would say about 90% of them are a complete waste of time, with the remaining 10% being the high-priced services that only the top tier companies can truly afford.

So how do I get leads you ask?  Well – there are a few modern proven tactics to obtain information and contact details for prospective clients – as well as a few traditional methods that still work in today’s modern business model.  Here is a short list of lead sources :

  • Online Landing Pages
  • FB ADs pointing to Landing Page
  • Organic traffic to website
  • Cold calling (pick up the darn phone)
  • Referral base
  • Social media relevancy
  • Viral posting and connection management

These are only a few of the ways we currently collect leads and close sales for our individual business ventures – and they work very well!  We will be submitting another post in the coming days to dive more into depth on these topics and start to uncover the true meaning around how to gain solid leads for your business!


So in conclusion, the most common theme among marketers and marketing companies today is taking a digital first approach to all things business.  Without a website, some digital ads, and a few other goodies – you could be severely missing the boat when it comes to your marketing programs!

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