SEO and it’s effect on Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? Click here to read the definition on Wikipedia.  There are many reasons why a business would hire a digital marketing company with a focus on SEO.  Search engine traffic is the most valuable form of marketing in today’s crazy digital marketing industry.  Search engine traffic is literally people who are searching for your type of business or service.  That takes the whole aspect of old school marketing out of the equation.  Where it used to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to pump out mailers and email lists, you can simply just rank your website higher and voila!  Customers will be calling YOU!

With so many choices, and so many different strategies used by separate firms – it’s difficult to choose a digital marketing company that can give you some serious results.

SEO is what help digital marketing in search engines

SEO In The Real World

Using search engine optimization (SEO) on a website page is not an unknown practice nowadays.  You have many people and agencies that understand what Google is looking for on any given page of a site.  So therefore – most people and companies have really good looking websites, with solid graphic design.  However, it always seems as though no matter how pretty most sites are – none of them produce real tangible results.  Here is a good report from on the failing strategies most small businesses try to implement for their SEO.

So, a lot of websites look really good visually.  Not many of them actually rank high in search engines.  That is the easiest way to explain today’s SEO market.

website design on the computer

Digital Marketing and Website Design

Web design and digital marketing go hand-in-hand.  Websites are the face of a business in the virtual world.  Therefore, if you have a solid digital marketing strategy accompanied by a well designed and high ranked website – you will crush your competition.  Ranking high in Google’s search engine can get you free traffic and guaranteed customers – but only the top SEO professionals know how to get you there.  So you must pay them, and then reap the benefits after the fact.

This is a different strategy than what most would expect with digital marketing.  Typically, you pay a company that manages your ads account – in which you have to then actually spend money on actual ads too.  This is a dicey way to tackle digital marketing, as it leaves you open to a ton of pitfalls.  SEO is a slower, more steady game of customer awareness.  Content creation is a super good way to get faster results from a marketing company.

Finally, once you figure out how to get an abundance of customers to your website – your site must be optimized and set-up to capture visitor’s information.

Helpful Tools for SEO

You are able to look up new keywords, SEO opportunities, backlinks, and other information that helps in your journey.  You do this by using tools designed to crawl millions of websites and report back statistics and actionable items for you as a business owner.

Here are a few tools to check out today : – this is a great tool for checking traffic levels of a particular website. – this tool is the king of competition comparison, search engine wise. – this is the best tool for checking backlinks.

Use these tools to help in your SEO quest, and it will make life a lot easier.  As long as you also keep up with Google’s trending algorithm changes.

Remember The Important Things for SEO Success
  1. Website design is key
  2. Find a good Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Use some quality SEO tools to help your research
  4. Put together a strategy before launching your campaign
  5. Give the campaign time, SEO can take up to 12 months to show results.

In conclusion, SEO and digital marketing go perfectly with one-another when managed and designed in the correct manner.  It’s always good to consult with a professional company around your home city to really get a strong grasp of what your competition looks like.


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