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Our marketing blog here at is put together by a group of motivated pros focused on driving education and training to all marketers world-wide!  We focus on all forms of digital marketing.

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Marketing solutions that are proven to work in almost any industry!  We have over 200 clients in over 30 different markets that all pay to hang out with us!  We are some of the top rated professionals in the world.  We look forward to building out this site and giving you personal access to all of us personally. 

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Our team here is a tight-knit squadron.  We believe in free information and free training to help better our fellow colleagues!  We have very extensive experience in almost every vertical market you can imagine. 

Why is digital marketing taking off so fast?

Digital marketing is one of the most controversial tools any business can find.  There are very different avenues to accomplish essentially the same result – LEADS.  So why do so many companies seem to miss the advantage of an online presence?  Because it’s scary, very scary.  The internet is a very wide resource with unlimited potential.  Connecting customers and new visitors to your brand or company has never been easier.  Using a solid SEO consultant can really assist in your rise to the top with your digital marketing strategy.

The best thing you can do today as a business owner or marketing manager is grab a hold of some of these tools to help you find keyword opportunities, backlink analysis, and just overall solid SEO strategies.

Is traditional marketing still good to practice?

Traditional marketing will always be needed.  That is a simple fact of life.  Humans respond to certain forms of traditional marketing everyday, without even thinking about it.  You buy a can of soda at the counter because it has a “$0.50 OFF” sign right next to it, without even thinking.  This is a form of traditional marketing that is overlooked often.  Emails and mailer lists of physical flyers still work to this day even in the most difficult sales industries.  It’s all a testament to the actual thought patterns that get overlooked in the marketing game.

People like to feel good and don’t want any type of friction when it comes to the backlash of marketing decision.  Invest money into a company that can make your business look good – that’s all marketing really is.  So to keep it simple, we make sure to cover everything single piece of marketing advice possible within our blog.

What are some reputable marketing companies?

There really is no “comparing” marketing firms, because they all have different strategies and ideas.  This is a benefit, as much as it is a damaging factor.  You must find a solid digital marketing agency that has years of experience.  It’s best if the company was around before the big tech boom, but stayed successful throughout.  This is a sign of a seasoned agency that has true experience in a multitude of different markets.

In one of our coming blog posts, we will be covering all of the top 5 marketing firms by state.  This will be one to look out for!

Is fresh content really the key to online marketing?

The short answer is yes!  The long answer involves time, intense research, massive amounts of copy editing, and a little bit of luck.  We try to post relevant content almost 4 times per month to keep our readers and users engaged but also to make sure there is constant value being produced by our marketing team.  Here’s an example of one of our most recent posts on digital marketing.

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